Effective corporate governance and operational management systems as a basis for your long-term business success

We support you in the direction of sustainable corporate governance and management systems for effective control and monitoring of your business. Our years of experience and proven methodological approaches ensure a cost effective and successful approach.

Successful management today is not only a sustainable increase in shareholder value but also for the establishment of an effective, transparent corporate governance in the company. An essential prerequisite for this is the establishment of operational management systems to manage and control the company. Subject of such a system are e.g.:

  • Compliance with the totality of all international and national laws, regulations and standards that apply to the company,
  • Own principles and rules that determine how the company is managed and monitored,
  • Roles and responsibilities between owners, internal organizational units or external bodies and institutions.

In the area of governance and management systems Caniu GRC supports its customers:

  • in establishing operational management systems or agents systems as an active value proposition for the company,
  • in the integration of different (existing) management systems  e.g. areas of Risk and Compliance Management (KonTraG BilMoG, ISO31000, ...), Information Management (ISO27001, ISO20000, ...), security management (ISO28000, OHSAS, OHRIS, ...), environmental management (ISO 14001/4. ..) and quality management (ISO9000, ..) to efficiently  operating clusters or integrated management systems such as GRC management systems.

The key points of our approach are:

  • Top-down - approach, that is, active involvement of management in the development of guiding principles and criteria for the optimal design of functional management systems and their sustainable successful implementation in the company,
  • Maximum synergies through standardization, i.e. specification of a common methodological approach for model management systems and timely reporting as well as the possibility of economic use of support structures and a common, integrated IT solution,
  • Sustainable, efficient implementation, that is, establishment of an integrated process management at the operational level, under the leadership of the respective process owners in close consultation with the relevant officers of the relevant management systems,
  • Culture of an active value management, that is, clear requirements of the management and value-based personnel management and development to promote acceptance and active support from the staff.

Whether as an expert, coach or converter, we adapt our consulting services in the area of Governance & management systems to your specific needs of support. If you like to more know more about our services, pls. get in contact with us.



Risk and Compliance Management System

Caniu supports its customers in all critical tasks to your company-specific risk and compliance management system - from conception to implementation and ongoing improvement. For example, by:

  • Performance check of your risk management system / compliance management system - materialize improvements in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and time-relevant-level reporting,
  • Successful implementation of your Risk Management / Compliance Management Program - a successful collaboration from project initiation through to successful implementation within your organization.

Process Management 2.0 - Integrated Process Management (IPM)

Caniu supports its  customers in the integration of different requirements of existing management systems into their process management. For example, by:

  • Creation of a comprehensive Integrated Process Management (IPM)  project definition -  the first important steps for a successful IPM initiative.
  • Successful implementation of your Integrated Process Management (IPM) initiative - from project initiation through to successful implementation

GRC Consulting

We provide comprehensive advice on the integration of different existing management systems in the areas of risk management, internal control systems, compliance and information management (ISO27001, ISO20000, ...). Objective is the lasting reduction of  complexity, cost and liability risks caused by different paralell operating management systems . For example, by:

  • GRC Workshop - clarification as to whether and how to integrate your different management systems can achieve significant benefits for your business,
  • Project Definition of your GRC project - significant decisions on project objectives, project approach, solution architecture and project organization
  • Successful implementation of your GRC project - we support you as your trusted partner from project initiation through to successful implementation.

GRC Software

Only the use of appropriate GRC software allows you to realize the full added value of a methodical integrated GRC management approach. Take adavantage of our deep market insights and experience from a variety of successful GRC software projects. For example, by:

  • GRC Software Workshop - to start off your  GRC software selection or for discussion / clarification of critical issues relevant to the project (market, solutions, approach, opportunities & risks),
  • GRC software consultancy - design, selection and implementation of GRC software to achieve your desired project success.

Active Value Management

Caniu GRC helps companies establish an assets value management, which raises the potential for capital appreciation and created corporate values guaranteed. For example, by:

  • Diagnosis of your value management - identification of essential improvement in the methodology and process of their value management,
  • Successful implementation of your integrated value management solution - a prerequisite for successful identification and implementation of significant improvements in the company's value and control management.

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