Intl. Supply Chain CC

- Competence Center Partner der Caniu -

CHAINACCENT: Italian centered multinational network of Supply Chain experts representing the Competence Center for your international Supply Chain challenges 


  • is a Management Consulting Company with unique expertise focused on Supply Chain enhancement
  • supports clients - startups, intl. medium sized companies as wells as groups - to optimze their supply chains
  • enrolls high seniority professional allowing a wide view of supply chain problems to quickly focus on critical points and key drivers
  • is based in Italy; the geographical reach of CHAINACCENT is mainly but not limited to South Europe, South America, US & UK
  • is represented by Caniu in Germany 
  • represents Caniu's international Supply Chain Competence Center 

Scope of Supply Chain Competence Center Services

  • Logistics, Transportation and Operations improvements incl. Logistics Outsourcing, 4PL, Service Level Policies
  • Manufacturing incl. JIT, Lean Production, Total Productive Maintenance
  • Network Design
  • Planning incl. Forecasting, Demand Management, Master Planning, Supply Planning and Production Scheduling
  • Resources utilization improvements
  • Stock Strategies and Stock Optimization
  • Supply Chain visibility, incl. KPI & SC Monitoriing
  • Strategies & Implementation for SCM
  • Rationalization programs
  • Tunraround Management, Restructuring
  • M&A and Post Merger Integration
  • Asset Management - Industrial and Real Estate


Well-known customers from a wide range of Manufacturing Industries, Retail, Resources, Transportation & Logistics, Telcos appreciate our services

Main Benefits involving Caniu's SCM CC / CHAINACCENT in your challenging international Supply Chain projects

  • Improving ROCE (Return of Capital Employed) by legeraging Supply Chain opportunities
  • Improving Supply Chain human resources skills by working with our experienced and passionate professionals
  • Receiving tangible and measuable results from our consultancy services structured as modular, fast and low risk
  • Rationalizing and reducing cost for competitiveness and productivity


Contact us to receive mor information and a first assessment of your opportunities and how we would solve it.


Adapt your global supply chain to the challenges of the New Normal!


For over 15 years Caniu GRC supports its customers as a management consultant from strategy to operational implementation in the long-term increase and sustained protection of shareholder value. Caniu GRC helps you as Management & SCM Consultant to generate maximum benefit thru your global supply chain. 

CHAINACCENT is a SCM consultancy based in Milano, Italy - the geographical reach of CHAINACCENT is mainly but not limited to South Europe, South America, US & UK.

Our Collaboration

Both companies are able to speedstart joint consulting projects both work based on a similar and well integrate-able

  • set of values
  • approaches & methods
  • SCM consulting products
  • network type of business model
    • represents Caniu's International Supply Chain Competence Center
    • is supporting CANIUs SCM Consultancy Practices in their geographical and network reach to seasoned SCM experts
  •  Caniu
    • is representing CHAINACCENT in Germany
    • is supporting CHAINACCENTs SCM Consultancy Practices in Germany and it's network reach to seasoned SCM experts 


Please contact us 

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Ihr persönlicher Ansprechpartner

Ihr persönlicher Ansprechpartner

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Caniu Beschaffung Beratung

  • Erfahrene  Berater aus führenden Beratungsunternehmen sowie frühere Linienmanager aus der Beschaffung
  • Tiefe Marktkenntnis zielführender Beschaffungs-Konzepte und state-of-the-art Beschaffungs-SW-HW-Lösungen
  • Nutzung unserer Erfahrungen aus erfolgreichen  Referenzprojekten bei namhaften Kunden
  • Pragmatische, ergebnis- und umsetzungsorientierte Arbeitsweise
  • Optimale Nutzung Ihrer und externer Ressourcen sowie der Investitionsbudgets
  • Objektivität durch Unabhängigkeit von SW-Anbietern und  Wirtschaftsprüfern
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