Digital Economy - identify and implement potentials

Caniu supports companies in the successful design and implementation of new business models and processes in the Digital Economy. Whether eBusiness, eCommerce or Internet-of-Things - Caniu is your prefered consulting partner covering the strategic positioning up to the implementation.

Our Point of View

Caniu defines Digital Economy as the digitization of business processes and production resources (smart objects) with the involvement of all market participants. Important unique feature is the possibility of a high resolution management, control and regulation of a cycle in quasi real time.

Digital Economy enables in our view, three basic approaches for successful business models:

  • Integration - Digital Economy enables companies to inter-active involvement of its customers, suppliers and partners in your value chain
  • Lifetime Partnership - ability after product purchase the digital contact for customers using IT-based services (smart objects) to establish and commercialize
  • Insights - Intelligent analysis of a variety of different data sources to manage and control processes, and decision support in real time

Significant expansion of its importance learns the Digital Economy through the establishment of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), a digitization of relevant objects and places in the form of smart objects. IoT-based business models open disruptive innovations - new or redefinition of existing markets based on products with new value proposition for customers.
Depending on the particular industry in the medium term, we expect a fundamental change in the existing business models. Companies need time position in the Digital Economy, to ensure their competitiveness and the long-term stock.

Caniu - Your competent partner in the digital economy

We can provide competent and flexible in the intelligent use of the advantages of the digital economy for your company. Our contribution to a successful common approach:

  • Many years of relevant experience in the design and implementation of innovative Internet-based business models and business processes (eBusiness / eCommerce) as a management consultant and managing director in companies in various industries
  • Depth knowledge of relevant IT solutions and manufacturer of a variety of Digital Economy projects as an IT consultant and IT managers of multinational corporations
  • Comprehensive methodology for a successful establishment of Internet-based business models and business processes 

To learn more about our comprehensive services related to Digital Economy, please contact us. In a personal conversation, we present our approach for the specific situation of your company.

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Your Contact

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