Increase the competitiveness of your Supply Chain, significantly

Caniu supports companies to align their supply chain in all critical issues with the challenges of constantly changing market needs and business strategies

In order to realise the greatest possible value contribution by the art of technique and Best Practices for our clients, the consulting approach of Caniu enhances the scope of the traditional Supply Chain Management conceptas follows:

Value Chain (end-to-end Supply Chain)
Market Analysis




Planning » Procurement


Manufacturing » Logistics » Service » Order Processing  
SCM Risk Management SCM Sustainability
traditional focus from …to Caniu focus on …
…the internal logistics chain …a cross company end-to-end value chain (customer to 1..n tier suppliers to Sales and Marketing)
…the aspects of Infrastructure and IT …the involvement of the production factor human (including the mission critical change management aspects)
…the focus on the one static  Supply Chain within the company …the conscious implementation and co-existance of several, separated types of Supply Chains - dynamic, adaptive focused on specific groups of customers (outbound) or suppliers (inbound), defined by uniform  set of requirements and behaviours
…the reduction of complexity and cost of specific elements sustainable improvement thru acceptance (and management) of complexity within the holostic view the value/ supply chain - possibly thru differentiated business models
starting points are performance factors


People Culture Process
Technology IT (SW/HW) Outsourcing Collaboration Controlling
Management Systems (Risk, Compliance, Quality, ...)
with the objective to
  • costen (TCO, structure)
  • time (TTB, TTM, lead time, reaction)
  • complexity
  • risk
  • value add & competitiveness
  • flexibility & service level
  • transparency & manage-ability & pla-ability
  • sustainability & compliance & quality & security
thru our services

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Our SCM Consulting supports you to successfully identifiy and realise benefits in your supply chain - end-to-end or for individual elements:

Review & Positioning

  • Quick-Check: Supply Chain Analysis for your specific issues such as Supply Chain Cost Analysis, Supply Chain Performance Check, Supply Chain Best Practices or Supply Chain Outsourcing or a qualitative 360 degree benchmark of your Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Service Provider Value Check to identify significant and quickly realiseable Improvements

Strategy &  Organisation

  • Supply Chain Development aligned with your strategies, market environment and requirements, industry best practices, ... - to ensure continously growing contribution of your SC to your bottum line results
  • Supply Chain Optimisation zur meßbaren Steigerung der Leistungsfähigkeit (KPIs, Supply Chain Controlling, Ziel Service Levels, ...)
  • Supply Chain Network Design & flow path optimisation - Optimise your Supply Chain Topology, one time and periodically, based upon your strategies and goals and an algorithmen that considers all relevant decision parameters

Design & Partner Selection & Implementation & Optimisation

  • Conceptual and operational support in your Working Capital Reduction Initiative
  • Supply Chain Transformation to optimise Supply Chain Segmentation, all SC Processes and the usage of SC Software (incl. respective SC Software selection)
  • SC Outsourcing Programmes to revisit Make or Buy decisions on Business Processes and/or respective IT/SW (including Insourcing, Joint/Co-Sourcing, SCM Buy-Out, Outsourcing Transition)
  • Implementation of IT (SW/HW), control systems, logistics machinery, equipment and plant from planning and design to operational management
  • Supply Chain BI to enable real-time transparency for sound and fact-based decisions
  • Design and Implementation of integrated Management Systems for SC Risk Management, SC Compliance Management, Quality Management, CSR Management ..., for your SCM, elements of SCM such as Procurement, Manufacturing, Fulfillment, or your company as a whole

Supply Chain Interim Management

  • Line Management of your SCM Bereichs, or specific departments, or (central) staff functions 
  • Management of strategic tasks
  • Management of Programs / Projects, such as Supply Chain Outsourcing, Insourcing, Turnaround, M&A

 Please contact us for more information on our services and to get us to know!

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