Caniu - Our Vision, Our Scope Of Services And History

Caniu is the consulting and services company focused on solutions to effectively increase your company's value - in all phases of business development.

Our Vision 

For over 15 years Caniu GRC supports its customers as a management consultant from strategy to operational implementation in the long-term increase and sustained protection of shareholder value - are starting points here:

  • Increasing and ensuring the competitiveness and efficiency
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of management systems
  • Reduce operating costs

Focus of our services is the development and implementation of innovative concepts with functional solutions and demonstrable benefits for our customers.

Its solutions provides Caniu by an experienced team of experienced consultants who work successfully as a team with the employees of the customer. Our proven methodologies and relevant industry and product knowledge ensure fast and resource-consuming and cost-effective approach.

Our Service Portfolio

The Difference

  • In-depth, long-term Beratungsexpertise- and management experience
  • Proven own value management methods and quality assurance
  • Flexible and powerful network of affiliated partners and cooperative enterprises 

Our Values

  • Fast quality results at reasonable cost
  • Customer specificity, customer focus and professional collaboration
  • Objectivity and neutrality
  • Focus on implementation and pragmatism 

Flexible Forms of Delivery

  • Workshop, coaching and expert support
  • Responsible for partial results, but also GU
  • Interim Management

Scope of delivery

  • Strategy, design, software selection
  • Management of the operational implementation and software implementation
  • Project Management and Interim Management

Target Customers

  • roups
  • International and international SME
  • Young companies / start-ups

Target Industries

  • Industry and Trade
  • Service industries, such as aviation, logistics, telecommunications, ...
  • Information Technology

Our History

The company was founded in Hanau, near Frankfurt, Germany, in 2004 as an IT Pays management consulting and in 2007, expanding the number of shareholders - renamed Caniu GRC Management GmbH - which are former partner of a leading global management consulting and top managers of Telekom. Today's corporate headquarters is Dusseldorf.

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Caniu advises you with expertise, targeted methods and a pragmatic approaches to your specific challenges

AI -  Analytics -  Big Data -  Blockchain -  BPO -  Business Plan -  Cloud -  Compliance Management -  CORONA -  Corporate Governance -  Cyber Security -  Data Privacy (DWGVO, GDPR) -  eCommerce -  Eco System -  ERM -  Extended Reality -  Digitization -  Funding -  GRC -  GRC Software -  Industry 4.0 -  Information Security -  IoT -  IT -  IT Governance -  Logistics -  Machine Learning -  Management Systems -  Market Research -  Out-/In- Sourcing -  PLM -  Procurement -  Risk Insurance Management -  Risk Management -  Robotics -  RPA -  Quantum Computing -  SCM -  Sensorics -  Software -  Strategy -  Sustainability -  Value Management

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