Manage your supply chain risks sure, with foresight and automated!

Caniu supports companies with an integrated consulting and software product in the development of their supply chain risk management based on its Caniu GRC methodology and the unique SaaS solution of riskmethods.

Source: SCM Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2014

Supply Chains are increasingly networked, deeply integrated and globalized (#Industrie 4.0, #Compliance, #CSR, ...). Consequently, supply chain risks are accumulating and potentiating. Just early identification of risks enables a targeted investment to protect against misappropriation of assets. Only a supply chain risk management seamlessly aligned with your enterprise risk management and based on reliable information isof large, measurable benefits - by:

  • enterprise-wide, uniformly applied processes and methodology for (early) detection, assessment, management and claims management of supply chain risks
  • reduction of the probability of occurrence and damage from business interruptions (Supply Chain Interruption Cost)
  • opportunity for early warning and risk management system, cross business and/or supply chain
  • transparency, which allows for better manageability and more informed management decisions

Caniu supports its clients in all critical tasks/issues of their supply chain risk management system - from conception to implementation and ongoing optimization.

Key Results

  • Identification and planning of required measures to optimize your current supply chain risk management (and Supply Chain Compliance Management) in terms of an adequate, future-oriented functionality (processes, software, methods, integration with enterprise risk management and compliance management, ...)
  • Conception of a specific, integrated (cross company and supply chain) Supply Chain Risk Management approach for your business
  • Setting up (design, configuration, parameterization) the "Supply Risk Network" SaaS solution and, if required, integration into the existing system landscape
  • Start-up support (training, initial onsite support)
  • coordinated approach for further development and optimization

Your Advantage - Why Supply Chain Consulting from Caniu GRC?

  • Caniu's proven, unique methodological approach, focused on management system integration which allows a pre-structured and cost-effective answer of your supply chain risk management issues
  • Extensive expertise in GRC (benchmarks, best practices, software, software selection) supply chain risk analysis, quality management and management system integration
  • Definition and implementation of your risk management strategy by our experts, with their long-term, cross-industry experience in risk management consulting combined their expertise in supply chain consulting, software and supply chain services provisioning

Your Advantage - Why Supply Chain Risk Management Software from riskmethods ?

  • riskmethods provides organisations with a comprehensive supply chain risk management tools to proactively monitor and assess risks in the supply chain
  • Potential hazards are identified early up to proactively retain the ability to deliver, to ensure compliance and to ensure company's image is not compromised
  • The SaaS solution "Supply Risk Network" is beeing developed in Germany and combines the latest technology with an innovative provision of risk intelligence to become a leading standard in the supply chain risk management

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